What our Staff are Saying

“[Mid Island Day] Camp is family. There is something so special about returning to a place where strangers become friends in 39 days. It’s also amazing how you can not speak all year and resume exactly where you left off the previous summer. At camp, you can be unapologetically yourself.”

– Melissa Bourzouye

“Camp is always so special and the phrase, “Camp friends are the best friends!” has always resonated with me because it’s just so true.”

– Lori Kurtzman

“I truly do live 10 months of the year for the 2 months of camp. [Mid Island Day] Camp means so much to me! I quite literally grew up here and have lived every second of it. The spirit at camp is what makes camp so fun from the theme dress up days to the cheering all day there is no place i would rather be during the summer!”

– Molly Meyerson

“Being able to make someone’s summer great is one of the most special things in the world. [Mid Island Day Camp] means everything, I love being a part of the kids’ life in such an important way, their smiles are so contagious!”

– Thomas Ginniane

“[As a swim instructor] I absolutely love working with my fellow coworkers. The core part of the job, which I can never get enough of, is the kids that come swim with me. It’s a great place to work, for sure. Using rubber ducks to make sure the kids tuck their chin (most notable rubber ducks are Captain Jack and Princess Quacker) was funny and functional. Camp means a lot to me.”

– Albert Feinstein