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Camp At The MIYJCC Building

Mid-Island Day Camp

Camp Adler For Special Needs

Debbie Solomon
Camp Director

Debbie is the Early Childhood Camp Director. She holds a Master’s degree in Literacy B-6th grade and has over 10 years of experience working with early learners. Debbie has been teaching at the JCC for the last 8 years, spending most of her time in Pre-K. Debbie’s two children also attend Mid Island Day Camp and love camp almost as much as she does!

Josh Henkel

Josh Henkel
Camp Director

Josh has worked at the Mid-Island Y JCC Summer Camp since 1994. This summer will be his eleventh summer as Camp Director. His extensive experience and innovative programming are what makes our summer camps a place that will enrich the lives of your children and give them an amazing summer camp experience.

Sharon Hanover

Sharon Hanover
Director, Adler Center For Special Needs

Sharon obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work and has more than 15 years of experience working with young children through adults with special needs. Her extensive experience includes day camps, social skills building programs as well as program development and curriculum.

Jean Goldstein

Jean Goldstein
Supervisor of Early Childhood and Youth Programs

Jean has been a part of the JCC family for the past 19 years. She has a BA in communications, and a CDA in Infant/Toddler Development. Both of her sons were JCC preschoolers, and are were Second-Home Daycare and Camp staff members. Jean had been one of our Early Childhood classroom teachers, and now works in our Early Childhood office. Call me to book your next birthday party!

Gayle Meigel

Gayle Meigel
Associate Camp Director

Gayle holds a Master’s in Education with a specialization in Counseling from Hofstra University. She has been a part of the Jewish Camping world and the Mid-Island Day Camp family since she was a camper and has almost a decade of Assistant Director experience. Her Mid-Island home is where she came into her own as a CIT, staff member, Asst. Director, and now as an Associate Director. Each summer she aims to give children and staff the type of safe and fun summer experience that was so meaningful to her in her own life.

Jen Kohan
Camp Adler Associate Director

Jen Kohan is a Speech Language Pathologist for the New York City Department of Education for over ten years. Prior to the NYCDOE, Jen was a Teacher’s Assistant and Speech Therapist in the POB school district’s extended summer program. Jen spent her childhood attending daycare and camp at the Suffolk YJCC and was a camp counselor and supervisor in the Butler Center for Special Needs. In her free time Jen enjoys watching her two daughters learn, explore and grow! Jen is excited to begin her journey at the MIYJCC.  She brings her love of children, passion for summer camp, and experience with children with special needs to this exciting new position.

Rebecca Katz

Rebecca Katz
Family Engagement/Enrollment Coordinator

Rebecca has an MA in Elementary Education and holds her N-6th NYS certification. She also has over 25 years of experience working with children from birth through high school. Rebecca was a long-standing teacher in our Early Childhood Center, served as an inclusion supervisor for Camp Adler and EC Preschool Camp Supervisor. Rebecca now works in the Early Childhood & Youth Office as our Family Engagement/Enrollment Coordinator.

Neal Rosenberg
Assistant Director, Teen Programs and Travel Camps

Neal is our Assistant Director of Teen Programs and Travel Camps. He brings extensive knowledge and experience working within the youth and camp environment, having worked in summer camps for over a decade. Neal will be supervising all teen services, outreach and programming.

Vanessa Newman
Office Coordinator

Vanessa is new to the Early Childhood Center. She has an older daughter and 2 sons who are here in our program and loves being able to work here as well. Vanessa has a BS in Linguistics and Language Acquisitions. She has worked at Northshore Day Camp for 5 years with 3-year-olds, and drove a mini-bus. Vanessa also worked in the Hyperbaric Unit at Winthrop Hospital. Vanessa is very excited to expand her career in Education.

Nikki Schreiber
Camp Program Supervisor

Nikki is our camp program supervisor. She holds a teaching degree from The University of Tampa with a master degree in Childhood STEM. Camp has always been a huge part of Nikki’s life since she can remember. She said that joining the Mid Island Day Camp family in 2018 was one of the best decisions she has ever made. Her love of camp shows through in her work every day and she wants to make sure that every camper loves camp just as much as she does.

Dana Young
Camp and Operations Coordinator

Dana has a Bachelor of Science in communications. She grew up loving camp and has experience in all stages of camp life. As our Camp & Operations Coordinator, Dana maintains communication between our staff and our families. Her organizational skills are put to great use during camp season and helping with operations at the JCC all year. Her kids have been part of Mid Island Day Camp for the past 2 summers and the Early Childhood Center before that.

Jean Steele
Transportation Coordinator

Jean is the Transportation coordinator for the Mid Island Y JCC. She is responsible for arranging the busing needs across all departments, including routes for the Early Childhood Center and Mid Island Day Camp. Jean has many years of experience in the transportation industry and joined our team last year to bring her expertise to us!