Employment Information

To apply to work at our summer camp, please fill out an application by clicking the button below.

Someone in our camp office will contact you for an interview if a position is available.

Who We Hire

Mid-Island Day Camp provides a safe place for kids to learn, grow, and explore. We are looking for staff like you to join our team. Whether you are in high school, college or beyond, Mid-Island Day Camp wants to give you the opportunity to help our campers learn about themselves. If you’ve been to camp before, or haven’t, Mid-Island is a family that you are going to want to be a part of! Our staff members serve a variety of roles throughout the camp day. We are looking for counselors, group leaders, swim instructors, EMT’s, and more. Please complete an online application and we will be in touch for a face to face conversation about how we can give you the best summer ever.

We are currently hiring for the following positions. Don’t see something you think you fit in to? Reach out to us to learn about other positions that we may be looking to fill!

  • Junior Counselors are any young adult who is going to be entering 11th or 12th grade in September following the summer. As a junior counselor, you are responsible for working as a team with your co-counselors. Our groups will range in size and have an appropriate number of counselors depending on the age of the campers.

  • Seniors Counselors are entering Freshman Year of college and beyond. These counselors become the leaders in the group. Senior counselors are looked at as the leader of the group. They are responsible for time management as well as keeping their group on task.

  • Group/Division Leaders are entering their senior year of college and beyond. A group leader is assigned to one group whereas a division leader might have two or more groups in the same age range. The primary responsibilities of group and division leaders are to oversee and supervise their assigned group of campers. These staff members are also responsible for organizing information about their campers and communicating with parents

  • Specialists are staff members who excel in a specific area of focus. These include sports, arts, dance, etc. A specialist will be assigned to their area of focus and will see all groups of campers throughout the summer.

  • Swim instructors are responsible for a group of campers who have been swim tested and assigned a swim level. They would be focused on their group and helping them improve on skills based on their level.

  • Nurses and EMTs must be certified prior to the start of camp. They would oversee the health and well being of our campers.

**For those entering 9th and 10th grade who are looking for an opportunity to gain experience working with our camper, please CLICK HERE to learn about our Apprentice and CIT programs.

The Mid-Island Day Camp offers equal employment opportunities to all individuals regardless of race, creed, sex, or national origin. All staff candidates must complete a job application form along with three references and a background check. All staff members will be interviewed in person, but a phone interview will be allowable if distance is prohibitive. The Day Camp’s job offer will be made by the issuing of a Camp Employment Contract for the applicant to sign. Counselors must be free from communicable diseases.

Important Dates

  • First day of Camp: Thursday, June 27th
  • Camp Closed: Thursday, July 4th & Friday, July 5th
  • Last Day of Camp: Thursday, August 22nd
  • Tentative Orientation Dates for Summer 2024
    • June 9th, 9am-3pm
    • June 11th, 5-8pm
    • June 22th, 9am-3pm
  • These dates reflect orientations required by all staff. Depending on your position at camp, you may need to attend additional training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Camp runs for 39 days and you will be making a full summer commitment including pre-camp orientations. If there are any days that you cannot attend, they need to be expressed in writing prior to the start of camp. Hours and exact schedules are dependent on position and will be reviewed during your interview.

Mid-Island Day Camp, located at 75 Colonial Springs Road in Wheatley Heights, West Gate, is our summer home. Sitting in one corner of 325 acres, our expansive grounds are a mix of wide-open spaces filled with multi-use and athletic fields and woodsy, rustic areas.

We are proud to share that Mid-Island Day Camp has one of the most competitive pay scales in the area. In addition, we take pride in taking care of you! You’ll receive the option of lunch and snack each day, a fully stocked staff break area with extra goodies, staff shirts, and the ability to request transportation to and from camp. Camp Salary is dependent upon age, level of education and position and are paid on a bi-weekly basis. More specific information will be given during your interview.
We offer many specialty activities to our campers. We have many different activities that range from the arts, drama, dance to a variety of sports. In addition, we are always looking for new programs to offer at Mid-Island Day Camp. A specialist would be assigned to one activity for the entire summer and would be given schedules of when each group will be participating at their activity.
All counselors have the option of driving to camp or may put in a request to get picked up at one of our central pickup locations. CLICK HERE to view these CPU’s. Spots on the bus are not guaranteed but we do our best to accommodate. There is also the opportunity to become a bus counselor. These counselors would be responsible for taking attendance daily on the bus and ensuring the safety of every camper.
Mandatory training sessions for camp are held in late May and June. Depending on the position, there may be additional training and/or certification. All of this will be discussed in the interview.

CLICK HERE to apply online. Once you have submitted your application, a member of our team will reach out regarding more information on scheduling an interview